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Data Protection Summary

Tehk Recruitment Ltd


Data Controller

Sam Woolley – Director

Tehk Recruitment Ltd



Data Protection Officer

Sam Woolley – Director



Purpose of receiving your personal data

For recruitment purposes only to help you secure your next job. We’ll process   your data (send it to employers) upon your consent on a case by case basis.


Data Recipients

As above recipients will be namely the end employer who you authorise us to send your personal data to on your behalf.


Data Storage

Data will be stored for so long as for the duration we're helping you to find a new job.

Your data will typically be stored on our candidate applicant tracking system or email server. 


Managing Your Data

If at any point you would like to amend, withdraw or see your personal  data, or make a complaint you have the right to do this without question, please just let us know – sam.woolley@tehkrec.com 


Additional Information

- We will only request information from you insofar as it is relevant to your job application

- We will only use your data to apply for agreed jobs on your behalf once you have agreed for us to represent you to said company

- We will not send your data anywhere that you have not agreed for us to send it, and we will confirm that it has been sent once we have done this for you with your agreement

- Our job is to proactively network with you (mainly online – see ‘contact us’ for our social media channels) and introduce you to relevant employers with your consent. Our intention is not to hold onto your CV or maintain any kind of recruiting database for any other reason or for a period after which our assignment has finished

- Clients of Tehk Recruitment Ltd under GDPR are responsible for data received from Tehk Recruitment Ltd regarding any candidates and related personal data and information in the same spirit as the above.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our Data Protection Summary, we appreciate connecting with you and will work in your best interests at all times.